The Golden West (1932)


Lovers David Lunch and Betty Summers are caught in the feud between their two families. When David kills the Summers son, he escapes to the West. He marries and when his boy is two he and his wife are killed by Indians who take the boy. Twenty years later the boy is now the Indian chief. Betty’s daughter is nearby and the two are destined to meet.

Director: David Howard.
Stars: George O’Brien, Janet Chandler, Marion Burns, Arthur Pierson, Onslow Stevens, Emmett Corrigan, Bert Hanlon, Edmund Breese, Frank Hagney.


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  1. Steve Burstein
    December 11, 2018

    A pre-merger FOX film that appears to have been re-issued later by 20TH Century-Fox(hence the familiar opening logo).

  2. Steve Burstein
    December 11, 2018

    Western Romeo and Juliet meets the Last of the Mohicans. The Jewish Irishman is like a replacement for El Brendel.

  3. George
    January 29, 2022

    A good example of Fox and their early “talkie” Westerns. This one with big George O’Brien of SUNRISE, THE IRON HORSE, and NOAH’S ARK fame. and many other films from the silent era. A valiant production that struggles to overcome a choppy script with big gaps in the scenario and little character development, looking for all the world like a long novel condensed into a 60-minute short story.

    This particular print is abysmal, a digitized VHS tape of a dupe of a 35mm print. The details are all gone, most faces are washed-out white masks with four dots on them, and there’s even some visible video tape stretching. Terrible!

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