The Parson And The Outlaw (1957)


Pretending death at the hands of his friend, Marshal Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid rides away to live in peace under a new name in a far away frontier town, only to run foul of ruthless empire builder Col. Morgan and his top gun Jack Slade. Billy’s the only man who can stop Morgan but he turns down the pleas of help from preacher Jericho Jones, who knows of Billy and his past, newspaper editor Elly McCloud and her romantic rival Tonya. It’s only after the preacher is shot down trying to stop Morgan’s killers that Billy straps on his guns.

Director: Oliver Drake.
Stars: Anthony Dexter, Sonny Tufts, Marie Windsor, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Jean Parker, Robert Lowery, Madalyn Trahey, Bob Steele, Joe Sodja, Bob Duncan, Bob Gilbert, Jack Lowell, John Davis, Paul Spahn, Herman Pulver.


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