Istoria mias kalpikis liras (1955) AKA The Counterfeit Coin


Four stories, humorous, romantic or dramatic, are linked by a counterfeit gold sovereign. It is made by the honest engraver in the first story, seduced by the charms of a young widow, and it subsequently passes into the hands of a beggar and a prostitute, a wealthy miser and a newly married couple where the husband is a poor artist.

Director: Yorgos Tzavellas (as Yorgos Javellas).
Stars: Vasilis Logothetidis, Ilia Livykou, Mimis Fotopoulos, Sperantza Vrana, Orestis Makris, Maria Kalamioti, Ellie Lambeti, Dimitris Horn, Dimitris Myrat. AKA The Counterfeit Coin


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