Nero (1992)


Right after she moves in with him, Frederico’s new girlfriend Francesca sends him back to her former boyfriend’s apartment to fetch her something she forgot – but he’s surprised to find him lying there – dead. Assuming that Francesca killed him and sent him for cleaning up, he cuts him up in pieces, puts him in a suitcase and tries to get rid of it… but he has a hard time finding a suitably quiet place.

Director: Giancarlo Soldi.
Stars: Sergio Castellitto, Chiara Caselli, Carlo Colnaghi, Luis Molteni, Hugo Pratt, Osvaldo Salvi, Luigi Rosatelli, Alioscia Bisceglia, Francesca Borelli, Vela Bianca Cagnardi, Luca Perotti, Leslaw Janicki, Waclaw Janicki, Nicola Valcarenghi, F. Haydee Borelli.


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