October 19, 2019 / Arthouse

Nine-year-old Vanyo often plays with wooden swords and cardboard knight’s armour. He gradually confronts the life of grown-ups. The boy is confused – why do his parents say one thing and do another? Vanyo feels increasingly lonely and, in his thoughts, he talks to the only person he trusts – his uncle Georgi. It is only with him that the boy feels happy. Together, they go to the printer’s, to rehearsals at the theatre, and they watch movies. Uncle Georgi never interrupts Vanyo’s words and questions; he treats him seriously. How is this tiny knight going to enter life without an internal armour against rudeness and egoism?

December 8, 2018 / Comedy

The daily routine in the village of Yugla is shaken by the statistician clerk Asenov who come with a mission to take the census of the hares in the locality. He makes the village mayor Bay Georgi mobilize the local men in realization of the absurd task. On the very day all the village men are in the field. The mayor, the teacher, the veterinarian… even an old men join the group. Naturally all the efforts failed in fulfilling the mission since not a single hare came into sight.