Dreamspeaker (1976)


Ian Tracey¬†plays 11-year-old Peter, who is plagued by demons and sent to an institution for setting fires. Peter escapes and hops a freight train headed into northern B.C. He is befriended by a native shaman or “dreamspeaker”. The shaman makes some strides but is unable to get to the root of Peter’s problems. Peter is captured by the police and taken back to the institution where he slides down even further.

Director: Claude Jutra.
Stars: Ian Tracey, George Clutesi, Jacques Hubert, Bob Howay, Jonathon Pallone, Ivor Harries, Ed Mitchell, Anna Hagan, Stephen Braybrooke, Michael Lee, Joey Romano, Lars Mortil, Bart Copeland, Susan Ferley, Laura Thaw.


Note: The audio is not very good for this movie, although it’s loud and pretty clear there’s also a lot of background noise interfering, I’ve tried to remove it with several filters in Audacity but was not happy with the result so I left it as it was.

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  1. September 1, 2019

    Thank you. Beautiful. Ian was born to be an actor. The stories told by the old man were perfect. I was sent here by a Facebook page dedicated to Canadian films and TV series of this time period run by Clayton Self.

  2. Dennis
    July 6, 2022

    I remember this movie as a child…glad I can see it again…

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