Month: February 2019

February 4, 2019 / Animation

Uncle Remus draws upon his tales of Brer Rabbit to help little Johnny deal his confusion over his parents’ separation as well as his new life on the plantation. The tales: The Briar Patch, The Tar Baby and Brer Rabbit’s Laughing place.

February 4, 2019 / Western

The Lone Rider Tom assumes a former outlaw’s identity to learn where the gold from his last big heist is hidden. He tries to get the info from Blackie Dawson, but Blackie gets suspicious.

February 4, 2019 / Blaxploitation

In this crime drama, an African American ex-Army officer forms a militant organization to fight for equal rights and equal pay. Their trouble begins when he and his crusading commandos rob a factory to help pay the bail of jailed colleagues. Loosely based on the 1947 Carol Reed film “Odd Man Out.”

February 3, 2019 / Comedy

A group of students pay their way through school by forming a pop band called Toomorrow; sonic vibrations from a special instrument called a “tonaliser” cause an extraterrestrial to abduct the group, and have them entertain the Alphoid population.

February 3, 2019 / Arthouse
February 3, 2019 / Comedy

An itinerant troupe of show-biz folks arrives in Cactus Creek. This band of traveling players consists of a hammy Shakespearean actor named Tracy Holland; Lily Martin,an ex-hoofer, and the young ingénue, Julie Martin. Edward Timmons is the show’s combination prop man, stage manager and extra, who has aspiration of becoming an actor. While the show is going on, local badman and leader of a bank-robbing gang, “Rimrock” Thomas steals everything that isn’t nailed down. This leads to several complications.

February 3, 2019 / Arthouse

Aya is the Madame who runs a restaurant where geishas meet with their customers to eat, drink, listen to music and sing. Miyako, the daughter of Aya, is a liberal girl but far from the world that surrounds her and her mother. Her best friend is the daughter of one of the best customers in the house and a very rich man who in turn tries to Aya. But the mother and the daughter are in love with the same man.