The Hard Part Begins (1973)


Jim King is a struggling country singer whose life if falling apart. His partner left him to pursue a solo career, his son is out of control and his ex-wife hates his guts and can’t wait to see him fail. Life on the road is no fairytale.

Director: Paul Lynch.
Writer: John Hunter (story and screenplay).
Stars: Donnelly Rhodes, Nancy Belle Fuller, Paul Bradley, Linda Sorensen, Robert Hawkins, Doug McGrath, David Daniels, Leslie Carlson, Hugh Curry, Cliff Carroll, Sean Sullivan, Vinetta Strombergs, Dough Smith, Susan O’Sullivan, Sharon Rowitt, Gary Flanagan, Maré Lomper, Eric Clavering, Marie Fleming, William Gray, Larry Fitzpatrick, John Gibson, Cal Frazer, Neil Vipond.


Note: Many thanks to John W. for sending me a copy of this movie.

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