Year: 2020

January 1, 2020 / Thriller

While traveling to a resort in Tunisia, the magician and clairvoyant Professor Vestar befriends the idle millionaire Edouard Vangard and he offers a ride in his car. Vestar discloses to Edouard that he had had a premonition of a woman being murdered in a desert area. Meanwhile, the Tunisian architect and engineer Sadry Fahres has relationship problems with his spoiled wife Sylvia, who refuses to visit her mother-in-law that is terminal. Sadry meets his former mistress Martine and she travels with him to visit his mother, rekindling their passion. Edouard observes the behavior of the trio of lover and decides to help the vision of Professor Vestar to come true, intriguing each one of them to force the murder.

January 1, 2020 / Drama

In a working-class neighborhood of post-WWII Turin, Italy, 10-year-old Anna lives with her mother, Lidia, a secretary in a factory typing pool. As a partisan during the war, Anna’s father died a hero. Anna’s Catholic teacher awards a medal to the best pupil.