Passing Through (1977)


Heralded as the greatest jazz film ever made, this exhilarating lost classic from the LA Rebellion grapples with the commodification of black art via the story of a just-out-of-prison saxophonist who resists the advances of money-grubbing white industry execs as he embarks on a quest to find liberation through his music. Featuring music by greats like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Sun Ra, Passing Through translates the expressive language of jazz into visual poetry.

Director: Larry Clark.
Stars: Nathaniel Taylor, Clarence Muse, Pamela Jones, Johnny Weathers, Della Thomas, Bob Ogburn, Sherryl Thompson, Mnako Cumbuka, George Kramer, Cora Lee Day, C. Betheny Jenkins, C. Betheny Jenkins, David Lehman, Marla Gibbs, Kerry Jackson.


Note: Huge, huge thanks to Daniel for sending me a copy of this impossible to find film which I had been trying to track down for years, It’s never been released on any home video format and it’s been screened rarely maybe once a year so not many chances to see it, now I finally have it and can share it with you guys. The source of this copy is unknown but it seems like it was transferred directly from film (probably 16mm) to VHS then to digital, the colors are a bit faded but I think overall the quality is pretty good, you know what they say, beggars can’t be choosers so I’m not gonna bitch about it. I think I can safely say that this one’s in the top 3 of the best uploads of this year, just amazing. Enjoy guys and thanks again Daniel!

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