Way Bad Stone (1991)


A band of adventurers steals an enchanted stone, and earns a wizard’s desperate revenge. The wizard must summon all his old fighting comrades to get the artifact back – before its evil dooms their world.

Director: Archie Waugh.
Stars: Robert Applegate, Barrie Blankenship, Cory Boyas, Steven L. Guthrie, Jon Loose, Michael K. Maag, John Bluehawk Martin, Steve Patmagrian, Jan Skipper, James Thaggard.


Note: Very low quality for this one unfortunately, barely watchable, I’m uploading it only because it’s a very, very rare movie, shot on VHS and with a budget of about $2500, only a few hundred tapes were made according to the director so I think the chances of a better copy surfacing are very slim.

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  1. Benjamin Ruffett
    November 23, 2021

    Any chance you’ve got the slipcover? I’d love to see the packaging on this one.

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