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March 4, 2018 / Pre Code

Wild girls at a college pay more attention to parties than their classes. But when one party girl, Stella Ames, goes too far at a local bar and gets in trouble, her professor has to rescue her. Gossip linking the two escalates until Stella proves she is decent by shielding an innocent girl and winning the professor’s respect.

WATCH MOVIE The Wild Party (1929)

March 4, 2018 / Western

Mexico, 1915. An American bank robber travels to Mexico during the Civil War to sell his services to the highest bidder. He is hired to steal a shipment of gold from the government and transport it to the famous revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, but secretly he plots to steal the loot for himself.

WATCH MOVIE The Treasure of Pancho Villa (1955)

March 4, 2018 / War

Malaya, September 1944: Many British soldiers have been captured by the Japanese, when they were cut off from their troops. On her way to Kuala Lumpur, the British secret agent Elaine’s plane is shot down near such a prison camp. The men hide her among them, but when the Japanese threaten them with torture, their morale weakens.

WATCH MOVIE The Secret of Blood Island (1965) AKA P.O.W.: Prisoners of War

March 4, 2018 / Drama

Near the turn of the century, John, his wife Maidi and their young son David are shipwrecked on a remote island. Resigned to the fact they may never be rescued, John teaches David how to survive on his own, and instills in him a macho philosophy that the strong will always defeat the weak. As the years pass, David grows to adulthood, and he begins formulating his own interpretation of his father’s teachings — as the stronger man, he is now ruler of the island, and that the island’s only woman should rightfully be his.

WATCH MOVIE The Savage is Loose (1974)

March 4, 2018 / Drama

A ruthless, cynical, hated publisher is killed in a plane crash, and his ghost must wander restlessly unless someone sheds a tear for him.

WATCH MOVIE The Scoundrel (1935)

March 4, 2018 / Western

On the lam after killing an Army captain in self-defense, John “Ringo” Baker accidentally shoots his brother Lt. Mike Baker while making his escape. Ringo finds refuge in a remote town, where local ranchers hire him to thwart a greedy land baron.

WATCH MOVIE The Savage Horde (1950)

March 4, 2018 / Comedy

A weary British reporter is sent on assignment to Ireland, while in a remote village he hears a man’s voice emanating from a deep well. The voice turns out to be a modern-day oracle, gifted with the ability to foresee the future.

WATCH MOVIE The Oracle (1953) AKA The Horse’s Mouth

March 4, 2018 / Thriller

An ex-convict, and ex-cop, finds himself in the midst of drama as a murder, of a female student, is committed at the university where he works as a night watchman. He is reluctantly drawn into the criminal investigation and eventually becomes a suspect in the case. Will he be able to find the real murderer and clear his own name, or not?

WATCH MOVIE The Midnight Man (1974)