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How to download from Uloz

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to download movies from the ulozto site for those who are having issues:

Step 1: Click on the movie you want to download. 








Step 2: Once you are in the post, scroll down past the video player and click on “Download this film“.








Step 3: Now that you’ve been redirected to the site click on “Slow Download” (fast download option is paid).
Final Step: Write down the letters you see in the picture in the field below it and click on “Download”. That’s it, download should start in a few seconds.

Important: you can only download 1 movie at a time, if you try to download more than one you will see another window in a foreign language asking you to send a SMS, just ignore it, wait until your movie finishes downloading and try again, you will be able to download again, for free.

Still not able to download? Comment below and I’ll try to help you.


  1. Karla Westjohn
    July 20, 2019

    Do you have an audible captcha?

  2. Jon W.
    July 20, 2019

    Hi Karla.
    If you look at the right of the captcha letters there is an option that says “play the code”, click there and a voice will tell you the letters, there is background noise because I believe these systems are against bots so they are not super easy to hear, but if you hear carefully you should be able to recognize the letters.

  3. phil rodwell
    August 12, 2019

    When I follow your instructions, ‘slow download’; is followed by pages advising purchase of a subscription and there’s no ‘exit’ or cancel option so I can’t proceed. Any advice? 🙁


    Phil R.

    • Jon W.
      August 12, 2019

      Hi Phil.
      Please just click on “Slow Download” and wait few seconds, no need to click anything else there, you should see a download window asking where you want to save the movie.


  4. Poodle61
    November 14, 2019

    Or use the jdownloader software that works with the video url

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