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August 2, 2018 / Foreign

Young advertising executive Vatanen suddenly quits his job and his whole life in Helsinki, and decides to spend a while in the Finnish wilderness. A wounded hare hit by a car becomes his travel companion. Together they find reclusion in the Finnish Lapland, soon to be disturbed by a noisy group of foreign tourists and their pretentious Finnish hosts. When the hare gets ill and needs to see a vet, Vatanen must return to the city and finally face the choice between his new and former life.

WATCH MOVIE Jäniksen vuosi (1977) AKA The Year of the Hare

August 1, 2018 / Foreign

A thriller set in turn-of-the-century Helsinki, Stolen Death uses elements of German expressionism to tell the story of Finnish resistance fighters smuggling arms to overthrow the Tsarist occupiers of Finland. Tapiovaara stresses the divided loyalties of the Finnish bourgeoisie, torn between preserving their privileged economic position and taking a risky stand for an independent Finland.

WATCH MOVIE Varastettu kuolema (1938) AKA Stolen Death

July 31, 2018 / Foreign

This large-scale tribute to the 16th-century Swiss physician/alchemist Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, commonly known as Paracelsus, was the second of three films directed by Pabst for the Third Reich and was shot at the Barrandov Studios outside occupied Prague. Paracelsus is appointed town physician of Basel and conflicts with reactionary academics and avaricious merchants to prevent the plague from overtaking the city. 

WATCH MOVIE Paracelsus (1943)

July 31, 2018 / Foreign

After the recently re-elected President of a fictitious state has been assassinated, one of the members of the investigation committee refuses to sign the final report and is given the task of investigating once more. In the course of his search he finds evidence that casts serious doubt on the committee’s “lone-gunman” theory… A very bold film that basically told the “JFK” story thinly disguised as having taken place not in the US.

WATCH MOVIE I… comme Icare (1979) AKA I… For Icarus

July 28, 2018 / Foreign

For generations, the Torrignes family have lived in a splendid old house in the south of France. By the early 1930s, the family’s fortune has dried up and there is no other recourse than to sell the house. The present occupants are the widower and amateur photographer Walter Lherminier, his 16-year old daughter Juliette, and his elderly spinster sister Délie. For the last time, they invite the other members of the family to the house so that they can spend one last summer together. 

WATCH MOVIE Les dernières vacances (1948) AKA The Last Vacation

July 28, 2018 / Foreign

After the model of the Italian neorealist films, follows the lives of four women and their fates. Using professional actors and laymen, director Kurt Steinwendner presents the four “jealousy dramas” as allegorical episodes.

WATCH MOVIE Wienerinnen (1952) AKA Women of Vienna

July 26, 2018 / Foreign

Tragic love story about the photographer and explorer Felice Beato who travelled back to Japan in 1895 to seek his former wife O-Kiku. On the way he describes in a nostalgic letter to his brother how much he yearns for his lost love O-Kiku and how impotent he feels in an ancient Japan subject to rapid change.

WATCH MOVIE Felice… Felice… (1998)

July 26, 2018 / Film Noir

In this Swiss detective drama a private investigator stumbles onto a case involving blackmail and an oversexed, under-aged girl. He finds the girl, and, tragically, becomes involved with her.

WATCH MOVIE Der Fall (1972) AKA The Fall