Clouds (1985)


A synthesis of documentary, dramatic, and experimental styles, this film follows two women recollecting their personal and familial experiences from World War II. One woman recounts the story of an aunt from story Hiroshima whose father had been a member of the peace party when the militarist government forced its way to power. Exiled from Japan they were then interned with Canadians of Japanese descent. The other woman recounts the details of her experience as a young nurse on the morning of August 6, 1945.

Directors: Scott Hynes, Fumiko Kiyooka.

1985 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominanted for the Gold Hugo for Best Short Film.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    March 25, 2023

    Vivid, impressionistc images evolve from simple (often shown without sound) to the nightmarish visuals of human bodies pulled from the rubble of Nagasaki makes this short an expressive memory of that day on August 6, 1945. Not easy towatch but it carries a powerful message about war and survival. Thanks Jon.

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