The Way of All Flesh (1940)


The classic tragedy of the downfall of a good man in his folly. Paul Kriza, a respectable bank cashier, leaves his wife Anna and their children to seek greater fortunes in the big city. But instead of making his mark, he makes a mess of his prospects, and he ends up destitute. Ashamed to face his family, he remains in the city, and is presumed to be dead until, one day, he decides to revisit his former happy home.

Director: Louis King.
Writers: Lajos Biró & Jules Furthman (story), Lenore J. Coffee (screenplay)
Stars: Akim Tamiroff, Gladys George, William Henry, Muriel Angelus, Berton Churchill, Roger Imhof, James Seay, Douglas Kennedy, Norma Gene Nelson, Tommy Bupp, June Hedin, Darryl Hickman, James West, Sam Ash, John Harmon, James Burke, Marilyn Knowlden, John Hartley, Sheila Ryan, Fritz Leiber, Torben Meyer, Stanley Price, Leonard Penn.


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