The Night Runner (1957)

Roy Turner, a mental patient with a violent past, is prematurely released from the ward due to overcrowding. The doctors tell him to avoid stressful situations. Realizing that he can’t handle the pressures of big-city life he moves into a beachside motel in a small coastal town. There he falls in love with Susan Mayes, the daughter of the motel’s owner. But when her father discovers that he is a mental patient he threatens Turner to have him recommitted unless he leaves his daughter alone. 

Director: Abner Biberman.
Stars: Ray Danton, Colleen Miller, Merry Anders, Eddy Waller, Willis Bouchey, Harry Jackson, Robert Anderson, Jean Inness, Eddy Waller, John Stephenson, Alexander Campbell, Natalie Masters, Richard H. Cutting, Steve Pendleton, Jack Lomas.


Note: quality is not very good for this one but it seems to be the only copy available for this rare noir, I tried to improve brightness and stuff a little bit but there really wasn’t much of change so I decided to leave it as it was, the sound at least is pretty good, can’t have everything!.

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