Summer Love (1957)

Summer Love is a sequel to 1957’s Rock Pretty Baby, with John Saxon repeating his role as aspiring musician Jim Daley. When his band is hired to perform at a summer resort, Jim falls in love with two girls: sweet Joan Wright (Judy Meredith) and not-so-sweet Erica Landis (Jill St. John). Meanwhile, Jim’s buddy Mike (John Wilder) woos the band’s pert vocalist Alice (Molly Bee).

Director: Charles F. Haas (as Charles Haas).
Stars: John Saxon, Molly Bee, Rod McKuen, Judi Meredith, Jill St. John, John Wilder, George Winslow, Fay Wray, Edward Platt, Shelley Fabares, Gordon Gebert, Beverly Washburn, Bob Courtney, Troy Donahue, Hylton Socher, Marjorie Durant, Walter Reed.


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  1. December 22, 2019

    Great to have both Rock, Pretty Baby! and Summer Love. Thanks Jon!

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