Savage (1973)

The made-for-TV Savage is worth seeing today as an example of early Steven Spielberg. Martin Landau stars as Paul Savage, a TV investigative reporter. In possession of a photograph that might destroy the career of a Supreme Court nominee, Savage finds himself the target of scrutiny from all sorts of shady types. Barbara Bain, then Mrs. Landau, costars as Savage’s producer. Originally titled Watch Dog, Savage was the pilot for a potential TV series. Despite high network enthusiasm, the project never went any farther than its March 31, 1973 telecast.

Director: Steven Spielberg.
Stars: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Will Geer, Paul Richards, Michele Carey, Barry Sullivan, Louise Latham, Susan Howard, Dabney Coleman, Pat Harrington Jr., Jack Bender, Victor Millan, Warren J. Kemmerling, Danny Goldman, Richard Stahl.


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    December 15, 2019

    A great classic movie.just of missed it on network tv.this movie should be on dvd

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