Swiss Made (1968)

In 2069, Switzerland is a fully organized, fully computerized and supervised state that pens all those unwilling to adapt to reservations. A humanoid extraterrestrial records the life of this society that has chosen eternal order and peace. But it goes under in a self-created disaster and only survive the unadjusted in the underground.

Director: H.R. Giger, Fritz E. Maeder (as Fritz Maeder) & Yves Yersin.
Stars: Clélia Babaiantz, Jean-Louis Cornuz, Erika Dentzler, Herbert Herrman, Franck Jotterand, René Moraz, Henri Noverraz, Gil Pidoux, Pietro Sarto, Yves Secrétan, Elsa Shorecka.


Note: no subtitles for this one unfortunately, I’m uploading it anyway because it’s an incredibly rare film and I’m sure the Giger fans will be delighted to finally be able to see it even if they don’t understand the language, which is Swiss German, there’s also some French spoken parts subtitled also in Swiss German If there’s anyone interested in creating English subtitles for this film please email me (, I might be able to create the timings, so all that there will be left  to do will be the translation. Enjoy guys!

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