When She Was Bad… (1979)

After moving into a new home, couple Bobby and Teeny begin constant arguing. Bobby is busy with his new job at a local factory, and Teeny, who has a bad past with her daughter Robbie, is left in charge of the household, leading her to take out her stress on Robbie until the intervention of a helpful and caring woman named Mary gets Teeny’s attention. But is it already too late?

Director: Peter H. Hunt (as Peter Hunt).
Stars: Cheryl Ladd, Robert Urich, Eileen Brennan, Dabney Coleman, Marcia Lewis, Ramon Bieri, Nicole Eggert, Roxanne Gregory, Michael Flanagan, Paul Larson, Judy Keirn, J.P. Bumstead, Stephen W. Burns, Kathy Christopher, Virginia Hawkins.


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