Grand Old Girl (1935)

Mrs. Bayles, the stern but fair principal of a small-town high school, learns that a former student is running a sleazy gambling club. When thuggish politico Killaine rebuffs the principal’s efforts to put it out of business, she wins enough cash playing dice at the crooked dive to open a more wholesome nightspot to compete with it. But when Killaine’s teen daughter causes a fight at the new café, Mrs. Bayles might lose everything.

Director: John S. Robertson (as John Robertson).
Stars: May Robson, Mary Carlisle, Fred MacMurray, Alan Hale, Etienne Girardot, William Burress, Hale Hamilton, Edward Van Sloan, Fred Kohler Jr., Onest Conley, Ben Alexander, George Offerman Jr., Galvin Gordon.


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  1. Gabrielle
    October 9, 2019

    I love May Robson, so this will be a treat to see!

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