El dia de la bestia (1995) AKA The Day of the Beast


Bent on committing as many sins as possible to avert the birth of the beast, a Catholic priest teams up with a Black Metal aficionado and an Italian connoisseur of the occult. Now, he must become an unrelenting sinner. Is there still hope?

Director: Álex de la Iglesia. AKA The Day of the Beast
Writers: Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Alex de la Iglesia.
Stars: Álex Angulo, Santiago Segura, Armando de Razza, María Grazia Cucinotta, Terele Pávez, Nathalie Seseña, Gianni Ippoliti, Jaime Blanch, David Pinilla, Antonio Dechent, Ignacio Carreño, Saturnino García, Saturnino García, Pololo, Higinio Barbero.



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  1. December 9, 2019

    The familiar imagery of the occult horror film is given a surprising and blackly comic turn in this take on the genre.
    Many thanks again Jon for this one

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