Barbary Pirate (1949)

The U.S. government sends Major Thomas Blake on a secret mission when the Bey of Tripoli starts demanding tribute from American merchant ships in the Mediterranean in the early 1800’s. His pose as a Tory on the ship alienates his fellow passengers, Anne Ridgeway, and her brother Sam. Off Tripoli, the ship is captured by the Bey’s pirates, but Blake makes a friend of the Bey when he saves his life. Blake learns that a servant girl, Zoltah, and her friends ate plotting to kill the Bey, and that the Bey also has a spy in the State Department, Tobias Sharpe, who sends advance information about American ship movements.

Director: Lew Landers.
Stars: Donald Woods, Trudy Marshall, Lenore Aubert, Stefan Schnabel, Ross Ford, John Dehner, Matthew Boulton, Nelson Leigh, Joe Mantell, Frank Reicher, Holmes Herbert, William Fawcett, Frank Jaquet, Russell Hicks.


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  1. Robert M
    March 29, 2020

    Lenore Aubert is very pretty! As is Trudy Marshall. Turns out Aubert was born in Croatia, grew up in Vienna, and played “mysterious types” throughout her brief Hollywood career.
    Fun movie for fans of the genre, good quality image and sound. The baddie is apparently an Arab(?) but is played by a guy named Schnabel who has a German accent. Eh, it’s Hollywood!

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