They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way (1978)

In this broad, occasionally slapstick comedy, Dewey and Wallace are small-town lawmen who are trying to find out where some thieves have hidden their money. With the help of the governor of their state, they are able to enter the prison where the thieves are incarcerated, posing as convicted criminals in the hopes of getting the information from them. When the governor dies without informing anyone of the ruse, they are trapped in prison, as no one else knows their true identity.

Director: Stuart E. McGowan & Edward Montagne.
Stars: Tim Conway, Chuck McCann, Joe Dorsey, Fred Covington, Dub Taylor, Reni Santoni, Sonny Shroyer, Charles Franzen, Ben Jones, Lenny Montana, Timothy Blake, Hank Worden, Richard Kiel, Kenneth Daniel, Dennis Fimple, Grace Zabriskie, Lou Walker, Eric Weston, Harold E. Finch.


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  1. Jon W.
    July 13, 2019

    RIP Tim Conway (December 15, 1933 – May 14, 2019).

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