So This is Paris (1954)

Three sailors on leave head for Paris with one thing on their minds. Joe pursues chanteuse Colette D’Avril who proves to be more than she appears; Davy is pursued by sexy cashier Yvonne; but the blonde Al rescues from a purse snatcher rewards him with kisses, then vanishes without telling him her name. Romantic complications and resolutions follow in true musical comedy fashion.

Director: Richard Quine.
Stars: Tony Curtis, Gloria DeHaven, Gene Nelson, Corinne Calvet, Paul Gilbert, Mara Corday, Ann Codee, Roger Etienne, Myrna Hansen, Allison Hayes, Christiane Martel, Regina Dombek, Arthur Gould-Porter, Pat Horn, Michelle Ducasse.


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  1. simon shwimer
    July 15, 2019

    nice musical looks like UN THE TOWN but in PARIS have nice dances and jokes of PARIS it’s actually a musical film genre of three sailors in different places

  2. Michael
    December 26, 2019

    another guilty pleasure, getting spoil here Jon. Thanks

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