The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

Temple Drake is a Southern belle who leads men on with her sexuality but usually leaves them wanting. She’s loved by lawyer Stephen Benbow, whom she likes but doesn’t love. While out carousing with one of her beaux, she finds herself stranded with a gang of bootleggers, one of whom, Trigger, rapes her and makes her his sex slave. When another man is accused of a murder Trigger committed, Stephen defends him and sets out to find Trigger. But he isn’t prepared for whom he finds with Trigger, or what she’s become.

Director: Stephen Roberts.
Stars: Miriam Hopkins, Jack La Rue, William Gargan, Florence Eldridge, Irving Pichel, Guy Standing, William Collier Jr., Elizabeth Patterson, James Eagles, Harlan Knight, Jobyna Howland, Louise Beavers, Jim Mason, Arthur Belasco.


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  1. July 9, 2019

    Although not nearly as scandalous as the Faulkner novel with its perversity and darkness this was a shocking film in its day and one of the many that brought on the code. Miriam Hopkins is just terrific in this film as is Jack La Rue as the psychopathic Trigger (Popeye in the novel). Just a further note about Florence Eldridge who appeared in about a dozen films many with her husband Frederick March. I was lucky enough to have them in a Long Days Journey into Night in 1957. Her character in this film seemed as broken and wounded as she was in the play..

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