The Comrades of Summer (1992)

A disgraced manager of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, Sparky Smith, finds work in Russia running their Olympic team after the fall of the Soviet Union. Dealing with culture shock and the harsh reality that the team is far from being a great one, Sparky somehow manages to get theĀ players into fighting shape — while also settling into his new life abroad. But is his team of rugged misfits good enough to take on the Mariners in an exhibition game?

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace.
Stars: Joe Mantegna, Natalya Negoda, Michael Lerner, Mark Rolston, John Fleck, Eric Allan Kramer, Ian Tracey, Jay Brazeau, David Berner, Dwight Koss, Garry Chalk, Roark Critchlow, Mitchell Davies, Todd Duckworth, Grant Forster.


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