Bought! (1931)

Raised in poverty by a never-married mother, Stephanie Dale resents her mother’s working-class sensibilities. Dreaming of a rich lifestyle Stephanie gets a job modeling as a modiste shop. Executive David Meyer notices her and is immediately attracted to her. One day Stephanie returns home to find that her mother has died. David and Stephanie get involved, they share an interest in books, but she’s put off by his age, clothes, and manners. Young, handsome Nick Amory is also interested in Stephanie, but she prefers David’s wealth and interests.

Director: Archie Mayo.
Stars: Constance Bennett, Ben Lyon, Richard Bennett, Dorothy Peterson, Ray Milland, Arthur Stuart Hull, Clara Blandick, Maude Eburne, Doris Lloyd, Paul Porcasi, Barbara Leonard, Mae Madison.


Note: this copy comes from a 16mm print made in the 1950s by AAP for television, I have raised brightness and contrast a bit to improve the image, it’s still very dark in some parts but overall I think it’s watchable. 

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  1. Thomas C. Kelly
    March 24, 2020

    Loved the film. Of course, the early 1930s always do it for me. My mother and father had a dreadful life together in that period and I heard much about it later. The horror was the great depression and no decent employment available. They never stopped loving each other. Many of these films from that period remind me of my parents. My lovely mother resembled several of those famous actresses from the early 1930s. Constance Bennett was one example. She was great in this film. I loved the way women looked during this period, the pretty feminine clothes, the very attractive way they wore their hair. Also the early 1930s is my favorite period for popular music; so many beautiful songs and great orchestras. I noticed the background song in this film was “Now Your’e In My Arms.” I loved the Packard cars from that period and wanted to see if there were any in this film, but most of the scenes with cars were very dark and it was hard to make out what the cars looked like. Thank you for making this film available. It was a good story with a good ending..

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