The Wild Dakotas (1956)

The fraternal filmmaking team of produced Sigmund Neufeld and director Sam Newfield once again joined forces on The Wild Dakotas. Made some two years after the “official” demise of the “B” western, the film attempts to revive the genre with a new cowboy star, one Will Williams. In keeping with the “adult western” trend of the period, the so-called hero, a wagonmaster, is something of a psychotic. He attempts to foment a war between the settlers and the local Indian tribe. A surprise is in store for the wagonmaster-and the audience.

Director: Sam Newfield.
Stars: Bill Williams, Coleen Gray, Jim Davis, John Litel, Dickie Jones, John Miljan, Lisa Montell, I. Stanford Jolley, Wally Brown, Iron Eyes Cody, Billy Dix.


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