Raphaël ou le débauché (1971)

1830, somewhere in France. Aurore is a young, beautiful and virtuous widow. She meets Raphael, a man of leisure, a debauchee. Raphael is obsessed by the death, and wait for it by chasing women and drinking. He first tries to seduce her, but is impressed by her and gives up. But Aurore felt in love with him, and tries not to look as inacessible. A romantic drama, with dispair, cynism, disgust for life and love.

Director: Michel Deville.
Stars: Maurice Ronet, Françoise Fabian, Jean Vilar, Brigitte Fossey, Isabelle de Funès, Jean-François Porron, Anne Wiazemsky, Yves Lefevre, Hèlène Arié, André Oumansky, Maurice Barrier, Jean-Pierre Bernard, Georges Claisse.

1971 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or.


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