Wise Girls (1929)

In this comedy, a plumber does a job for a fellow and ends up conned into marrying his daughter. The daughter only agrees to the absurd union to make her real lover jealous. When the plumber learns of her motives, he has the marriage annulled and ends up marrying her honest younger sister. The clever plumber hires a good lawyer and also ends up owning his ex-wife’s house.

Director: E. Mason Hooper.
Stars: Elliott Nugent, Norma Lee, Roland Young, J. C. Nugent, Clara Blandick, Marion Shilling, Leora Spellman, James Donlan.


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  1. Allan
    March 31, 2019

    No great shakes as a film as it clearly originated on the stage and seems to be the film version of that. However there are some wonderful treats in it particularly Marion
    Shilling who is simply wonderful. J.C. Nugent plays the dyspeptic dad for all he’s worth and Elliot Nugent is the aw shucks plumber. Roland Young is not the comic force he became in the Topper series but is still very good . One sees a little of the later Auntie Em in Clara Blandick.
    Well worth watching and thanks to Jon for providing it.

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