Key Witness (1960)

An average Los Angeles citizen witnesses a gang murder when he stops to use a telephone. Aware that he is the only witness against them, the gang members seek out his identity and terrorize him and his family to keep him from testifying against them. Only by psychologically playing one gang member against the others is the man able to bring the police to his rescue.

Director: Phil Karlson.
Stars: Jeffrey Hunter, Pat Crowley, Dennis Hopper, Joby Baker, Susan Harrison, Johnny Nash, Corey Allen, Frank Silvera, Bruce Gordon, Terry Burnham, Dennis Holmes.



  1. Britt Overbaugh
    February 13, 2019

    It is certainly heart stopping to see Hopper in such a feral state here. People paid in 1960 for believability they could not get on the TV screen…and director Phil Karlson certainly delivered here. Unseen is his 1974 FRAMED Following WALKING TALL, it surpassed even that in nauseous spectacle.

  2. Michael
    April 11, 2019

    Another of those films needing catching up to. Many thanks

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