Top Man (1943)

In this WW II musical, a young man suddenly finds himself in charge of his family when his father is called to war. To help the flagging spirits of local factory workers, the plucky lad, his siblings and his schoolmates put on a lively little show. With a little work, he even convinces Count Basie to come with his band.

Director: Charles Lamont.
Stars: Donald O’Connor, Susanna Foster, Lillian Gish, Richard Dix, Peggy Ryan, Anne Gwynne, Noah Beery Jr., Samuel S. Hinds, Louise Beavers, Dickie Love, Marcia Mae Jones, David Holt, Barbara Brown, Count Basie and His Orchestra, Borrah Minevitch Rascals.


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  1. John
    January 21, 2019

    Thanks for this, been looking for it for ages.

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