Three of a Kind (1944) AKA Cookin' Up Trouble

Shemp Howard and Billy Gilbert are a pair of lovable vaudeville clowns who spend most of their free time looking after the young son of their boss, a nice guy who is trying desperately to hold together his second marriage. When his wife walks out, and he dies in an accident, Billy and Shemp are left to take care of the boy.

Director: D. Ross Lederman. AKA 3 of a Kind / Cookin’ Up Trouble
Stars: Billy Gilbert, Shemp Howard, Max Rosenbloom, Helen Gilbert, June Lang, Robert Henry, Paul Phillips, Wheeler Oakman, Franklin Parker, Marie Austin, Sheila Roberts, Robert McKenzie, Syd Saylor, Harris Ashburn, Jimie Haine, Dick Carlton, Frank Jaquet, Milton Kibbee. 


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