Happy Anniversary (1959)

Chris and Alice are a happily married couple with two children. After too many drinks at the anniversary dinner, Chris reveals to his in-laws that he and Alice engaged in pre-marital sex in the year previous to their marriage. Upon returning home, Chris and Alice argue over his inebriated confession in front of her parents, which is overheard by the children. Thinking their parents will divorce, daughter Debbie reveals the argument on a popularly televised kid’s show.

Director: David Miller.
Stars: David Niven, Mitzi Gaynor, Carl Reiner, Loring Smith, Monique van Vooren, Phyllis Povah, Elizabeth Wilson, Patty Duke, Kevin Coughlin, Don Grusso, William Dwyer, David Doyle.


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  1. Dan
    January 18, 2019

    In the few brief scenes where a character smokes, the cigarette itself is blurred (while the smoke is still visible). Odd censorship, especially since the movie has the MGM channel logo…

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