A Dream for Christmas (1973) 🎄❄️ 🌟 Christmas on rarefilmm 🎄❄️ 🌟

Created by Earl Hamner, A Dream for Christmas is set in the 1950s. African-American minister Will Douglas moves his family from Arkansas to the Watts section of Los Angeles to take charge of an impoverished church. The attendance, at least at first, is as poor as the congregation. Worse still, the church is slated to be demolished. But it’s close to Christmas, a time when miracles have been known to happen.

Director: Ralph Senensky.
Stars: Hari Rhodes, Beah Richards, Lynn Hamilton, George Spell, Robert DoQui, Joel Fluellen, Juanita Moore, Clarence Muse, Sarina C. Grant, Maidie Norman, Ta-Ronce Allen, Bebe Redcross, Marlon Adams, Dennis Hines, Zara Cully.


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