Two of a Kind (1982)

Nolie has just turned twenty-one but is mentally challenged, and acts more like eight. One day Nolie visits his beloved grandfather in a rest home and is horrified at how the old man has deteriorated, vegetating in his wheelchair. He realizes that this is partly due to the medication the nurses are giving him. Nolie decides that he must rehabilitate Grandpa himself, since no one else cares. Furthermore, he and Grandpa must keep their project a secret. It’s a job for a man, and time for Nolie to become one.

Director: Roger Young.
Stars: George Burns, Robby Benson, Barbara Barrie, Cliff Robertson, Frances Lee McCain, Geri Jewell, Ronny Cox, Peggy McCay, Justin Lord, Ellen Blake, Dirk Blocker, Karla DeVito, Art LaFleur, Michelle Buffone.


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