Platinum High School (1960)

When a young cadet dies at his military school, his estranged father pays his respects. Traveling to the small California island academy. Steve Conway meets with obstacles and military red tape in the explanation as to how his son died. The three ex-Marine officers running the school and the cadets themselves put up stone walls of silence. The accidental death ruling in reality turns out to be a cover up for a hazing incident and the police are notified. Singers Jimmy Boyd and Conway Twitty are cast as contemporaries of the dead cadet.

Director: Charles F. Haas.
Stars: Mickey Rooney, Terry Moore, Dan Duryea, Conway Twitty, Warren Berlinger, Yvette Mimieux, Jimmy Boyd, Richard Jaeckel, Jack Carr, Harold Lloyd Jr., Christopher Dark, Elisha Cook Jr., Mason Alan Dinehart.


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  1. Scott Marks
    November 17, 2018

    In the original version, when Dan Duryea hands Mick the picture of his son, there was an insert shot of a head shot of Mickey Rooney c.1939. A pox on the technician whose brainchild it was to excise this stunning unintentional laugh from one of the great stinkers of all time.

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