It Comes Up Love (1943)

Victoria and Constance are the precocious daughters of big-city businessman Tom Peabody, long separated from his girls, who’ve been raised in the country, the widowed Peabody brings them to live with him in New York. Hopelessly out of step with her new “hep” friends, Victoria is introduced to the pleasures of swing music by brash Manhattanite Ricky. Meanwhile, the girls try to expedite the romance between their father and pretty secretary Edie Ives.

Director: Charles Lamont.
Stars: Gloria Jean, Ian Hunter, Donald O’Connor, Frieda Inescort, Louise Allbritton, Mary Lou Harrington, Raymond Roe, Charles Coleman, Leon Belasco, Beatrice Roberts.


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  1. November 11, 2018

    Thanks for the rare film Jon. Universal Donald O’Connors are good fun (albeit, this one is rather slow), Now if I can get a copy of WHAT’S COOKIN’ I’ll have seen them all.

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