Fighting Youth (1935)

A radical campus group persuades student Carol Arlington to lead a protest of a college’s football team. She manages to recruit Larry Davis, even though he is a star player for State’s team. Larry needs money to marry sweetheart Betty Wilson, but needs a job. Carol and the committee protest that the school is using its athletes to make a profit.

Director: Hamilton MacFadden.
Stars: Charles Farrell, June Martel, Andy Devine, J. Farrell MacDonald, Ann Sheridan, Edward J. Nugent, Herman Bing, Phyllis Fraser, Stephen Chase, Jim Purvis, Leslie Cooper, Paul Schwegler, Frank Sully, Glen Boles, Howard Christie, Murray Kinnell, David Worth, Charles C. Wilson, Walter Johnson, Jean Rogers, Clara Kimball Young, Ralph Brooks, Robert Hale, Dell Henderson, Russell Wade, John ‘Dusty’ King.


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  1. Antonio Montes de Oca
    December 9, 2018

    Hi Jon, very glad you’re back! I’m searching for two 1932 anti-communist movies; Forgotten Commandments and The World and the Flesh, I’d be extremely grateful if you could include any one of these in your list, From Mexico City.

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