Twilight for the Gods (1958)

Having seen better days, the sailing vessel Cannibal sets out for Mexico from the south Pacific with a leaking hull. The captain is haunted by a tragedy that happened on another ship under his command. Believing the vessel to not be seaworthy, the crew pleads to change course for Honolulu. Being wanted there in connection with a man’s death, a passenger wants to avoid Honolulu. As the water rises in bilge, the passengers and crew struggle against nature to survive.

Director: Joseph Pevney.
Stars: Rock Hudson, Cyd Charisse, Arthur Kennedy, Leif Erickson, Charles McGraw, Judith Evelyn, Richard Haydn, Vladimir Sokoloff, Celia Lovsky, Ernest Truex, Wallace Ford, Charles Horvath, Bob Hoy, Maurice Marsac, Virginia Gregg.


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