Section des disparus (1956) AKA Sección desparecidos

Film version of David Goodis’ novel has lawyer Juan Milford wanting to run away with exotic dancer Diana Lander. Unfortunately, he’s also a kept, married man by wealthy older woman Amanda Merlino de Milford who promises to provide evidence of his criminal past to the police if he ever leaves her.

Director: Pierre Chenal.
Stars: Nicole Maurey, Maurice Ronet, Inda Ledesma, Ubaldo Martínez, Guillermo Battaglia, Luis Otero, Élida Dey, José Comellas, Pedro Pompillo, Dora Vernet, André Norevó, Marisa Núñez, Amalia Bernabé, Jorge Villoldo, Alberto Bacigaluppi, Nelly Lagos. AKA Sección desparecidos


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