Reunion in Reno (1951)

Columbia and Universal were the leading purveyors of well-crafted “little” pictures in the 1950s. It was Universal who put together Reunion in Reno, which opens with little Maggie walking into the offices of divorce-attorney Norman, demanding a divorce from her parents! It seems that Maggie is an adoptee, who fears that she’ll be left in the lurch when mom and dad become natural parents, which will happen very soon. As Norman strives to solve his youthful “client”‘s problems, problems, he decides at long last to wed his own fiancee Laura — though if ever there was a strong argument against marriage and parenthood, it is the precocious Maggie.

Director: Kurt Neumann.
Stars: Mark Stevens, Peggy Dow, Gigi Perreau, Frances Dee, Leif Erickson, Ray Collins, Fay Baker, Myrna Dell, Dick Wessel, Sid Tomack, Stuart Morgan Dancers.


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  1. Andie
    October 5, 2018

    Thank you very much for this film. I love light and funny movies!! Thanks again for finding for me!

  2. December 25, 2019

    My parents were Stuart Morgan and Lita D’Oray in the Stuart Morgan Dancers. Thanks for finding this !

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