Les belles manières (1978) AKA Fine Manners

Camille, a young, provincial, proletarian man works for Hélène Courtray, who is still beautiful and seductive. She’s a sophisticated, cultivated and well-to-do woman who has engaged him to care for her reclusive son who has spent the past few years voluntarily locked up in his room. An encounter between two persons and two worlds where the relationship of the young man to this closed, strange and unknown universe rapidly turns tradegy.

Director: Jean-Claude Guiguet.
Stars: Hélène Surgère, Emmanuel Lemoine, Martine Simonet, Nicolas Silberg, Hervé Duhamel, Victor Garrivier, Cirylle Spiga, Daniel Deroussen, Philippe de Poix, Denise Farchy, Yves Barrier. AKA Fine Manners


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  1. JW
    October 14, 2018

    Tres cool! You found it! Many thanks, Jon!!!

  2. James558
    October 16, 2018

    Been looking for this forever! You’re great, Jon!

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