Karanlik sular (1995) AKA The Serpent's Tale


Steeped in macabre mystery, The Serpent’s Tale wraps a political allegory in the dark cloth of a gothic, forbidding quest. Lamia Koprulu is the last in a line of aristocratic Ottomans. Her final hope for an heir, an illegitimate son, Haldun, has died in a boating accident. When an American stranger arrives with news that her son is alive, Lamia inspires a search that leads to a scroll containing dark secrets. 

Director: Kutlug Ataman. AKA The Serpent’s Tale 
Writer: Kutlug Ataman
Stars: Gönen Bozbey, Metin Uygun, Daniel Chace, Semiha Berksoy, Eric Pio, Haluk Kurtoglu, Numan Pakner, Cevat Kurtulus, Beste Çinarci, Tülin Oral, Giovanni Scognamillo. 


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  1. ToeKnee
    January 19, 2022

    When I went to download, it said this file had been deleted.

    • Jon W.
      January 19, 2022

      Try again please, I just re-uploaded it.
      Thanks for letting me know.

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