Girls on Probation (1938)

Connie Heath is falsely accused of theft by witchy Gloria Adams, though Gloria withdraws her charge, the insurance company continues to persecute poor Connie, resulting in a charge of grand larceny. Championing her cause is crusading attorney Neil Dillon, who gets Gloria off with probation. Alas, she resumes her friendship with “fast girl” Hilda Engstrom, who was responsible for getting Connie into trouble in the first place.

Director: William C. McGann (as William McGann).
Stars: Jane Bryan, Ronald Reagan, Anthony Averill, Sheila Bromley, Henry O’Neill, Elisabeth Risdon, Sig Ruman, Dorothy Peterson, Susan Hayward, Larry Williams, Arthur Hoyt, Janet Shaw, Joseph Crehan.


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  1. Michael
    June 3, 2019

    A good, exciting Hollywood film. Recommended. Thanks Jon

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