Trigger Trail (1944)

Before it became the Oklahoma Territory, Rance Hudson, a crooked eastern-financier, schemes to steal their land from the ranchers for a railroad right-of-way. Clint Farrell returns from law school to find many of his friends illegally jailed by Hudsonm and his boyhood pal, Sheriff Bob Reynolds, unable to cope with the situation. Clint takes matters in his own capable hands, rounds up some fighting-mad ranchers, and plans and executes the complete routing of Hudson and his henchmen.

Director: Lewis D. Collins.
Stars: Rod Cameron, Fuzzy Knight, Eddie Dew, Vivian Austin, Ray Whitley, Lane Chandler, George Eldredge, Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry, Davison Clark, Michael Vallon, Richard Alexander (as Dick Alexander), Jack Rockwell, Budd Buster, The Six Bar Cowboys.


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