The Sword of Ali Baba (1965)

As the Mongols invade Baghdad in 1258 the Caliph escapes the city and heads to Basra with his young son, Ali. The Mongols catch the Caliph and he is killed but his son evades capture. In the desert Ali finds the hideout of the only resistance force, the forty thieves, and he joins them and grows up as one of them. Meanwhile his betrothed, the fair daughter of Prince Kasim, is taken to Baghdad by her father to be married to the Mongol leader, Hulago Khan. Ali goes to Baghdad and captures her but soon sets her free. She learns that he is her betrothed as well as the leader of the band of thieves.

Director: Virgil W. Vogel.
Stars: Peter Mann, Jocelyn Lane, Frank McGrath, Gavin MacLeod, Frank Puglia, Peter Whitney, Greg Morris, Frank DeKova, Irene Tsu.


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  1. Robert Miller
    March 16, 2019

    This website is so cool! Very grateful to have obscure flicks available. I am a big fan of sword and sorcery, peplum, and “arabian themed” movies. This movie meets my standards, but I could not endorse it to anybody not a fan of the genre. Jocelyn Lane is beautiful, as is Irene Tsu. Peter Mann is in brownface, ugh! But I guess I knew what I was getting in to. Fun light action/adventure flick from the 60s…

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