The Decision of Christopher Blake (1948)

Evelyn and Ken Blake are about to break up their marriage and get a divorce. While she still loves him, she can not forgive his infidelity. Their son, 12-year-old Christopher, is hurt and confused. The divorce suit goes to court and Ted must choose which of his parents he wants to stay with, and is unable to decide.

Director: Peter Godfrey.
Stars: Alexis Smith, Robert Douglas, Cecil Kellaway, Ted Donaldson, John Hoyt, Harry Davenport, Mary Wickes, Art Baker.


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  1. Joel
    September 15, 2018

    Hi Jon,

    Many thanks for posting this! I’ve been searching for years with no luck. It’s the final movie of Alexis Smith’s filmography that I was missing. It’s a strange one but glad to have seen it at last.


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